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Sunday, June 28, 2015


It's no surprise that I film a lookbook every summer. But what is surprising is what I'm wearing in these photos. Just look at it for a moment. A wool-like sweater in the summer?! I was questioning my own outfit choice too. That was, of course, before I stepped out of the house and it was less than 10°C. Welcome to Canada! 

I did, however, keep this outfit as summery as possible. When it's hot in the afternoon, I wear the sleeveless dress alone. When it's shivering cold inside the mall? I throw on a nice, snug cardigan. I've been in love with this casual grey dress that has a built-in "sleeve" you can tie. This huge grey cardigan makes the outfit even more comfortable than what it already is! 

My lookbook video probably won't be up until at least a few weeks later. I gotta get some more footage first!


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Monday, June 1, 2015

TORONTO - Veghed, Bang Bang Ice Cream, RSquared Cafe, Chinatown

For those who don't know already, I answered one of my most frequently asked questions on Instagram a few weeks ago. Sherry, which part of Canada are you from? Cue the not so dramatic drumrolls.....Toronto!

After running a few errands in the morning, I met up with a friend to go on an epic food adventure for the afternoon. I'll be uploading a vlog on my channel in a few days but for now, here are some foodporn pictures.

Side note: It's almost midnight and editing these food photos isn't doing me a favour. I'm just one step away from going to the kitchen and grabbing that jumbo sized (I'm talking ridiculous Costco sized) bag of Cheetos. 

1st stop: Veghed
1199 Dundas Street W., Toronto

This vegetarian restaurant was opened by Chef Ren Mercer back in November 2014 who was a past Spoke Club chef. The day I went to Veghed, it was actually Chef Mercer's wife who was serving food. Before I even get into the food, I just want to add that she such a sweetheart! Since she knew I film youtube videos, she was telling me what she was doing every time she added some type of freshly cut herb into my salad box - which also happens to be one of their famous dishes. 

A photo posted by S H E R R Y. W (@abrushofbeauty) on
I loved the soup but I must say, the most interesting part of my salad box was the rice (bottom right corner). I can't recall what was sprinkled on top but it was almost like a healthy version of furikake! I'm the type of person who uses just lemon juice as a dressing on my salads so eating a salad box this flavourful was definitely a first for me.

Throughout my entire life, I (for some odd reason) really don't like grilled cheese sandwiches. My friend order his salad box with one (left) and managed to convince me to try it out. For the first time in my life, I can actually say that I tried and liked the taste of a this ooey gooey sandwich. I can't tell if it's the cheese or the added slice of pear on top, but whatever Veghed is doing, they are doing it right.

My family has always used ingredients that are organic, so visiting this restaurant where all the ingredients are local and fresh makes it ten times better. The complimentary berrybeetiful smoothie ended the meal on a perfect note. I was actually planning on buying their popular beet brownies but I actually forgot so I guess that gives me an excuse to visit this cute little restaurant another time!

2nd stop: Bang Bang Ice Cream
93 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4

Now onto the Instagram famous ice cream shop. 

A photo posted by S H E R R Y. W (@abrushofbeauty) on

Ice cream sandwich with totaro and black tea ice cream

London fog & chestnut with matcha drizzle wrapped in a Hong Kong waffle (้›ž่›‹ไป”)

I personally liked London fog the most. Gasp, not the matcha one?! It's because I didn't really taste the matcha flavour. Maybe I'm just too big of a matcha monster because my friend said he definitely tasted a slight bitterness from the matcha. I think I need to cut back on the matcha consumption. Otherwise, I'll be completely immune to the taste! Despite the not so authentic egg waffle being a bit too sweet and soggy, both were pretty good.

An endless supply of artistic artwork along Queen Street.

3rd stop: RSquared Cafe
668 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E5

My friend and I took a quick break from all the walking and sat down at this fairly quiet cafe. This is supposedly ranked as one of the best places to study and I can definitely tell why. In comparison  to all the other cafes along Queen St., there were only a few customers in the cafe. If you go towards the back, there's a table area that is also pretty quiet. 

At the end of the day, I met up with my family and had dinner in Chinatown - which I didn't take pictures of. I did film so you can look forward to that in my vlog. Even then, the food was quite disappointing so I don't think I would want to blog about it anyway.

Remember that bag of Cheetos I said I wanted at the beginning of this post? Well I just emptied half the bag of it. Self control??? What is that??? Je ne sais pas.


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