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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eco-Friendly Dress

I'm in the midst of editing a new makeup tutorial right now but Windows Movie Maker keeps crashing on me. I've edited this video 2 times now just because either error messages keep popping up  or the whole program shuts down randomly! My frustration level is at its maximum right now haha.

To cheer myself up, I slept in this morning until 9:30 (best 7 hours of sleep).To top it all off, I made myself a super delicious breakfast. 

The French toast was so good that I felt like I was eating in a 香港茶餐廳 (local Hong Kong cafe). Keke, it was all thanks to haywong709 on Youtube!! 

My breakfast consisted of French toast (西多士), heart-shaped scrambled eggs, and a nice cup of cold Ovaltine ^-^ 

Check out his French Toast video ( Cooking HayHay 教你整 奶油果醬多士,西多士 #16 ) here: 

Talking about local HK food makes me miss those days in 香港 where I could wake up in the morning and just walk 10 steps downstairs and be able to get fresh 菠蘿包 (pineapple bun) with a nice cup of cold 港式奶茶 (milk tea) ♥ While I was in Hong Kong for vacation a couple years back, I drank milk tea every single day for the entire 2 months! If any of you plan on visiting Hong Kong , make sure you eat at a local cafe for afternoon tea. Why? Words can't even me, you will not regret it xD

How I made my dress:


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