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Friday, February 8, 2013

Seoul, Korea

I am determined to start writing this blog post right now even though I should be doing my chem lab ( one needs to know). Today's blog post is going to be an extension of my Travel Series: Seoul (Day 3).

Watch the video here:

My best attempt at not showing my hands while wearing a 한복 (hanbok - traditional Korean dress)

Heading inside to get a feel of the old Korean lifestyle by touring their traditional homes and games.

These games look easy but trust's a lot harder than it looks! (Watch my video to see what I mean xD)

SISSY LOVE ♥ I thought this picture was cute ^3^ 
My first time having 붕어빵 (Bungeoppang) and I've loved it ever since! It is a crucian carp shaped waffle with red bean paste on the inside. The outer waffle is very similar to that of the typical Hong Kong street snack, 雞蛋仔. The only difference is that the Hong Kong snack has more of an egg taste, rather than a biscuit / waffle cone taste - which is why when you translate the Chinese words " 雞蛋仔", it means chicken egg.   

This bitter (because of the burnt sugar / caramel taste) sweet Korean candy was really good ♥ 뽑기 (bbopgi)

After vising the museum, we went out for MORE food (yay) where we ate 고기구이 (Korean BBQ). After that, we headed out for an amethyst store where I bought a necklace~

I love the cross at the top of the necklace :) The actual chain of the necklace is really bad quality so I'm going to buy a new one just to replace that part. Other than that, I love this necklace ♥ 

We then went back to our hotel to relax for the rest of the night.


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