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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pretty X Scary Chinese Girl

Halloween. The only time of the year where I can shamelessly walk around the streets with a bloody face and ripped skin without hearing people scream.

This year, whether you want to look cute & pretty or spooky & bloody, I've got you covered

Traditional Chinese Girl Look:
The first look consists of a lot of warm colours to give off that romantic vibe. 

It's perfect for those who don't feel comfortable wearing costume makeup and dressing up. In fact, you can even wear this on a regular basis! Chinese girls back then desired pale skin so I mixed white face makeup with my regular foundation to appear paler.

 I also kept angled my eyeliner downwards and eye brows straight to appear more innocent. Why?

Downward eyeliner = puppy eyes = innocent
Straight, thick eyebrows = youthful

I finished off the look by contouring my nose and lips. If you have thick lips like me, contouring your lips is very important! This is because we are applying red lipstick which stands outs due to its' contrast to the pale base makeup. If you colour your lips entirely in red, this will over power all your other features. You want to keep everything balanced and to a minimum. 

Undead Chinese Girl Look:

If you are like me and love going full out when it comes to Halloween, this is perfect for you! So many people have commented on how bloody and horrifyingly scary I look - which I take as a compliment in this case haha. 

As you saw in the video, it is not difficult to make your skin look like it was burned or cut. All you need is a peel off mask. I highly recommend Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Facial Mask

I used it a few times as an actual peel off mask. It was not as impressive as everyone said unfortunately. However, for it's price (around $4.00 CAD), this product is fantastic! 
Not only can you use it as a skincare product, but it's for costume makeup purposes as well. 

I hope you all liked this look. 
If you did, feel free to thumbs up my video and share this blog post ^^ I also just submitted my entry for LOOKBOOK (SPOOKBOOK) x BlackMilk's halloween costume contest.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Palmiers (Butterfly Pastries)

School started again and I'm busier than ever! (Watch my 2013 Back to School Supplies Haul) Even now, there's a pile of work to the left of my computer keyboard just staring back at me asking, "why are you still procrastinating?" Well, not only am I not getting my work done by writing this blog post, but I baked (2 hours) and edited a video (4 hours). I'm such a great, hard-working student :') *note the sarcasm*

I don't regret anything at all though. Why? 

This is why.

Don't these palmiers look amazing? ♥ They are so easy to make! 


- White sugar
- Puff Pastry 
- Melted butter
- Flour 

Tools needed:

- Oven
- Pastry brush
- Dough roller
- Cutting board

How to:

I think this is all I'm going to write for today. I will try my best to update my blog more often but I can't make any promises (unfortunately). 

I also think I'm going to revamp my blog soon because I never really loved the colour pink haha! I usually find myself gravitating towards neutral colours instead.

UPDATE: I decided to update the template right away :) It's much easier to navigate around now. I'm still fixing the thumbnails and photos. As you can see in the above photos, it's kind of distorted. I'll get right on that but as I said on my Facebook status....

"I am technologically challenged when it comes to this blog and HTML stuff so I'm going to struggle my way through fixing this  "


Al [3+]

I opened a LOOKBOOK account. I used to film OOTD videos but I stopped after a few because I thought those videos were boring. It was also awkward for me to film because they consisted of me posing for 3-5 minutes lol. Ever since I stopped uploading these videos, some viewers asked for more fashion OOTD's. And so, my sister suggested me to check out one of her favourite websites called LOOKBOOK. I gave it a try and posted my first OOTD about a month ago. It's a great website for all you fashion lovers out there. Everyone on LOOKBOOK are super trendy and I'm sure you can find at least one person's fashion taste similar to yours. 

For more pictures on this OOTD, check out my LOOKBOOK and Facebook page!

In addition to my new LOOKBOOK account, I finally opened an Instagram account. You can follow me on Instagram via. @abrushofbeauty

Or for the lazy people (aka. me):


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