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Friday, February 26, 2016

[SKINCARE & REVIEW] Korean Beauty Products: EBENS BEAUTY

Hi everyone! In this blog post, I will be introducing you guys to a new Canadian-Korean brand called Ebens Beauty. They contacted me back in 2015 and I have been testing their products out for a few months before making this blog post.

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*Note: This is not an affiliate coupon code. I am not earning commission and nor was I paid to make this blog post.

Swatches of the three lip glosses

Post-hand washing of the 3 lip colours. The boldest red lip gloss / stain stayed on so well that it took a whole day of hand washing before it was finally rinsed away! 

The consistency of the sunscreen isn't terribly thick - which is ideal for me. I find that thicker sunscreens are relatively harder to spread evenly. 

Alright. I'm not going to lie, I actually laughed when I first saw this packaging! I mean, how often do you see a product looking like an actual cucumber? 

The products themselves are absolutely fantastic! The packaging states that they are made from 95% fresh cucumber extract. As someone with extremely dry skin that flakes even in the summer, I am a huge lover of using facial mists. I have tried many Korean mists that come in aerosol cans, but have never tried a simple spray bottle. Despite the fact that it is in a spray bottle, the product still comes out very nice and dispersed. I usually spritz a few pumps right before I apply my makeup to prep my skin. Doing this extra step has helped my flaking situation and allows my foundation to apply more evenly. 

If you are a fan of Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, you will love this cucumber soothing gel. Both of them have the same gel consistency that is very easy to spread.

What I love most about this product is that you do not get that sticky feeling afterwards as everything absorbs right in. There is also a very light cucumber scent which is very refreshing! If I had to choose between the aloe vera gel and this cucumber soothing gel, I would definitely pick this.

Callicos' 80% Snail Essence Filtrate Skincare Line

If you have dry (or normal) skin, I think this skincare line would be a great fit for you! It is moisturizing and perfect for the winter season when your skin just needs an extra boost. However, I must warn you that all of these products have a very strong scent. Personally, I prefer products with light-no scent. Although I have very sensitive skin that does not typically react well to fragrances, I did not break out from using these products.

The first time I used this toner, I actually spilled the product all over my hands because the packaging lacked a preventative cap. I would definitely recommend you to either transfer the product to a differen packaging, or try to purchase a pump for this toner.

Out of the entire line, this is probably my favourite product! I love that there is a pump and the fact that the serum does not leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky.

With its thick consistency, it leaves your feeling moisturized. I typically prefer to use this cream at night.

Similar to the toner, the only aspect about this emulsion that I am not a fan of is the packaging. Although this emulsion is slightly more liquid relative to the cream, it still has the consistency of a light lotion. Therefore, without a pump, it is practically impossible to get a decent amount of product out. I found myself having to vigorously shake the bottle in order to get a small amount out each time.

These two products haven't been posted on Eben's website yet but I will update with a link once I have it.

When I first saw this product name, my reaction was "What? Donkey milk?!" I was originally expecting a strangely scented hand cream but after using this hand cream for over two months now, I can assure you that the scent is very normal haha. I like that this hand cream doesn't make my hand extremely slimy or sticky.


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