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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Al [3+]

I opened a LOOKBOOK account. I used to film OOTD videos but I stopped after a few because I thought those videos were boring. It was also awkward for me to film because they consisted of me posing for 3-5 minutes lol. Ever since I stopped uploading these videos, some viewers asked for more fashion OOTD's. And so, my sister suggested me to check out one of her favourite websites called LOOKBOOK. I gave it a try and posted my first OOTD about a month ago. It's a great website for all you fashion lovers out there. Everyone on LOOKBOOK are super trendy and I'm sure you can find at least one person's fashion taste similar to yours. 

For more pictures on this OOTD, check out my LOOKBOOK and Facebook page!

In addition to my new LOOKBOOK account, I finally opened an Instagram account. You can follow me on Instagram via. @abrushofbeauty

Or for the lazy people (aka. me):



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