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Sunday, August 3, 2014


For those days where you just do not want to think about what to wear, just throw on a romper. The 3 bows on this romper are just too cute to resist. I tossed in some vibrant colours by wearing this oversized Urbane Conviction pink blazer. This bright pink colour makes the overall outfit look a lot more summery and quite frankly, it’s nice to have an oversized blazer to wear because the aircon in malls can get really cold. To spice up the outfit, I wore this gold spikey necklace and added some gold bracelets. Just to top off the whole look, I tied my hair into a messy bun with my trusty bow hair tie. 

This is going to sound a whole lot like a commercial, but trust me when I say I am not being paid to say this haha. They simply sent me their pink blazer and necklace so I could share how I would style them. With this being said, I would love to show some love and support for the team over at Urbane Conviction! 

Urbane Conviction is an online fashion store based in Toronto (woo, fellow Canadian). Whether your style is laid back and casual, or more classy and business chic, they've got you covered. Urbane Conviction sell both female and male clothes & accessories, and they update their website daily so everything is always fresh and ready to be purchased. For those who are particularly interested in Asian clothing styles (yes, I'm looking at all you kpop fans), definitely check them out. 

May I just add in there that I love the way they package your order? A little bonus for those of you living in downtown Toronto: If you make a purchase, your order will be delivered via their bike courier! 

A special shout out goes out to Maiko, aka. the ever so fun and stylish girl at Urbane Conviction. She films fashion styling videos, called Fashion Fridays. If you ever need an extra boost of fashion inspiration, you can subscribe to their channel.

Last but not least, I think the only thing I might regret about being in Hong Kong right now is that I couldn't attend their launch party! Regardless, it was such a great success so check out their highlight clip here!

Check out my video lookbook of this outfit here:



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