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Friday, January 9, 2015

BANGKOK, THAILAND [DAY 3] - Siam Center, Terminal 21 Mall, Issaya Siamese Club

Siam Center, very unique and artistic mall filled with creative window displays and irresistible fashion pieces (see below)

Terminal 21 Mall

Issaya Siamese Club

Yum hua plee, Thai banana blossom salad (THB 260)

Kradook moo aob sauce (THB 380)

Gai aob, "Issaya-spiced" rubbed and charcoal grilled natural sankaburee chicken (THB 580)

Hoy shell moo wan, "wok-seared scallops with "moo-hong" pork relish (TBH 620)

Nua sun seaklong, beef short ribs cooked twice until succulent and tender with a wok-seared sweet chili-lime dipping sauce (THB 1,350)
*My favourite dish of the night!

Kanom dok mali, jasmine flower panna cotta with jasmine rice ice cream and tuile (THB 250)


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