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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Glasses | Ray Ban
Shirt & skirt combo | Hong Kong

Even though it's not even relatively close to September, this has got to be the ultimate back to school outfit. Now to divert your attention to the background, do you guys have any cooking channels on youtube to recommend? There has been a few channels that I've followed for a while but you can never watch too many cooking and baking tutorials. One of my recent favourites has got to be 煮家男人 (Bob's Your Uncle). His videos are ridiculously entertaining, to the point where I would be watching it before, during and after eating food. Not only do you learn how to make drool worthy food, but he also inserts humourous life stories. I have actually yet to try any of his recipes because, let's be honest, I rarely ever cook. The day I try out one of his recipes, you bet there'll be an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter post about it! 

Speaking of youtube video recommendations, I have been absolutely loving Jonghyun's new song. I've always been a Zion T fan so I was uncontrollably fangirling when I listened to this song...


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